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R2G Sports’ mission is rooted in enabling participation by developing and producing innovative, high-performance apparel for the professional, amateur, and entry-level players.

The hallmark of this enterprise in a globalized economic environment is diligence and focus on innovation, quality assurance, and unparalleled service. R2G Sports’ combination of manufacturing in the United States and Overseas increases our customer’s edge in a highly competitive marketplace. By continuously developing technologically enhanced products, R2G Sports dominates the industry with innovative new products, enabling all athletes to reach their full potential and achieve peak performance. Athletes will Rise to Glory with R2G Sports!

R2G Sports has been built to fix many dealers’ problems with sublimated uniform vendors. With factories in both the US and Overseas, we can allow dealers to accept more orders from their customers depending on their delivery needs and budgets. Each factory is set up with the same patterns, fabrics, and color palette for product consistency no matter where it is being made. Our goal is to provide the best and most honest service of full dye sublimated uniforms and spirit wear in the industry.

We are committed to producing orders made in our US factory within ten working days. Orders paid in our Overseas factory will be delivered within four weeks from receipt of your order approval. Please keep us informed of special delivery needs, and we will always do our best to accommodate you. Our US-based graphic design team will complete all mockup requests within 24-36 hrs. And revisions within the same day.

R2G Sports will out-work and out-hustle the competition to provide the best experience possible for your sublimated uniform and spirit wear needs. When your team is Ready 2 Go, go with R2G SPORTS!

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Services Offered

  • 100% Full Dye Sublimation
  • Great Quality Fabrics
  • Unlimited Mock Up Revisions
  • Talented In House Designers with One on One Consultations Available
  • Mock Up Requests Completed within 24-36 Hours
  • Orders Completed within 10 Business Days From USA Factory